E-NIT 04 of 2016- Supply of Gate Valves Gun Metal:

E-NIT 05 of 2016- 8_units_of_16_Tons_Truck_Chassis_having_Diesel_Engine:

Extension Notice for E-NIT No:05 of 2016 Dated:06-06-2016:

E-NIT 06 of 2016- Supply_of_Various_Uniform_Items-Dated:28-07-2016:

E-NIT 07 of 2016 -Dated:18-08-2016.

Extension Notice for E-NIT NO:06 of 2016

E-NIT 08 of 2016 -Dated:18-08-2016.

Extension Notice II for NIT No. 07 TRP.

Extension Notice for E-NIT No:08 2016 dated:18-08-2016

E-NIT 09 of 2016 - Supply of Uniform Items.

E-NIT 10
of 2016 -Supply of Fire Fighting Equipments.

E-NIT  11 of 2016 -Supply of Hard Coke.

Extension Notice II for NIT No. 07 TRP-2


Extension for E-NIT No:09 of 2016:Supply of various uniform Items:

Extension Notice for E-NIT No:10 of 2016: Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment

E-NIT No:12 of 2016 Dated:03-10-2016:Supply of Tyres:

Extension Notice for E-NIT No:11


Extension Notice for E-NIT No:07 dated:24-10-2016

E-NIT No:13 of 2016 Dated:15-12-2016:Fabrication of Fire Tenders: